Naila's top tips for school leavers

Knowing the right journey to take upon leaving school is one of the hardest decisions we will make and it's always useful to get insights before hand especially from someone who has experienced it already. Guest blogger and award winning apprentice, Naila Bibi, shares her top tips when leaving school.

1. Talk to people

Talk to friends, parents or other members of your family regarding your thoughts around plans when leaving school. Don't be scared to voice your opinion and don't feel pressured into following a certain path. You will often find if you are pressured into following a particular learning path, you may drop out anyway so you have wasted time focusing on something you may not have wanted to do in the first place. 


2. Use the support available

Career advisers are there to help you. Utilise support systems and get information around the choices available. They will understand that not everyone will follow the same path when leaving school, you may get insights into local learning programs you never knew about. 


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3. Research

The internet is one of the best tools you can use to find the right path for you. Do as much research as you can and find a path that suits your learning style. 


4. Don't worry about your GCSE's

It's important not to worry about your GCSE's, do as well as you can but don't let bad GCSE results get in the way of your career aspirations. You can always re-take your GCSE's at college or through your apprenticeship so it's not the end of the world. 

Remember it's important to make choices that are right for you. Avoid feeling pressured into following paths that may not be the right ones. Why not use the Pathway Tool from PM Training to see where an apprenticeship route can take you?


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