Take Five with plumbing apprentice Kyle Kitchen

Read Kyle's take on life as a gas and plumbing apprentice. We ask him how he joined PM Training and found his feet in the plumbing trade.

Name: Kyle Kitchen 

Age: 17

Apprenticeship: Gas and Plumbing Level 3 

Company: Phoenix Gas 


Take 1.

I joined PM Training straight after school. I really didn't know what to do but after taking part in a 3 week taster it opened my eyes to the potential of an apprenticeship. I was able to sample a range of things like brickwork, gas and plumbing, engineering and plastering which was really great. 

Take 2.

I've grown up with an interest in plumbing. I've always been interested in learning from family members and helping out with odd jobs. I was very lucky in the fact that my school, Endon High School, never really pressured us to go to college and encouraged us to look at other options which was great.

Take 3.

I was delighted when I was successful in gaining an apprenticeship with Phoenix Gas Services in October 2018. I've had great support form the PM Training plumbing team and my colleagues at Phoenix Gas. I've learnt a variety of things from central heating installation, shadowing other members of the team, fitting electrical components, health and safety practices and so much more. 

Take 4. 

I really want to stay with Phoenix Gas and progress in my career as a gas and plumbing engineer. PM Training is a really safe and fun environment to learn in. The tutors don't make the experience boring and really want you to do well. 

Take 5.

One of the best parts about PM Training is that you get to work with your hands. The staff at PM treat you like an adult and my tutor, Kevin Tildesley, has taught me so much in my role so far. I would recommend PM Training to anyone. 

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