Multi-Trade Apprenticeship Journey with Josh Beech

Hard-working apprentice Josh Beech, 17, from Newcastle, is striving for success! After leaving school at 16, Josh wanted an apprenticeship - fast! With great attitude and work ethic, Josh has gained a fantastic multi-trade apprenticeship with local firm, M2 Constructions.

 Tell us about your journey leaving school?  

I went to Newcastle Academy in Thistleberry. I wasn't much for school, I didn't really like exams and writing! I wanted to get into something where I could use my hands. That's when I decided I had a passion for something like joinery or painting and decorating. An apprenticeship was the only answer for me!

 Where did you hear about PM Training? 

I heard about PM through a family member. My brother joined PM Training a few years ago and he had recommended it to me as an option when I finished school. What I love about PM Training is that the opportunities are equal for everyone. It's an advantage if you already have your grades, but staff here work with you if you haven't. 


"What I love about PM Training is that the opportunities are equal for everyone"


Tell us about your apprenticeship? 

I got onto an apprenticeship in October 2018. The apprenticeship I have is a multi-trade apprenticeship with M2 constructions Ltd. I'm really enjoying it. I'm learning so much here everyday. It's great being able to learn a variety of things as I feel I have more options to explore my career path when I get older. My average day does depend on the location and time of the job so I could be working anywhere between 7am til 8pm. I do things like joinery, plaster-work, roofing, skirting boards, door frames and concrete work. 

What would you say to any young person finishing school this year? 

I'd say really consider an apprenticeship. You don't get the experience like this with a college and you get paid for coming into centre. There are so many benefits to PM Training from the help you get from staff to the support from Realise charity. 


An apprenticeship can be a fantastic choice when leaving school. With benefits from help with driving lessons to being rewarded for attendance. For more information apply now or attend one of our Open Days to find out more. 


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