Multi-Skilled Apprenticeship Success with Kyle Yemm

Apprentice Kyle Yemm ,16 of Chesterton, is progressing well after being on programme for just a matter of weeks before getting an apprenticeship. After leaving school, Kyle wanted to get straight into his apprenticeship journey and worked hard to achieve success in such a small amount of time! 

Are you glad you joined PM Training? 

Definitely, I never fancied College when I left school (Chesterton Community and Sports College). I had images that I would just be doing a load of writing and theory and I couldn't face that again after just leaving school. PM Training has been the best choice for me. It's been so great, i've had the best support ever by the staff. They don't treat you like kids, they treat you like an adult and want you to succeed it's such a breath of fresh air.

 Do you think many young people consider apprenticeships as an option when finishing school? 

I think there is a lot of stigma around apprenticeships. People think apprenticeships are for young people who haven't done very well in school or for people who can't be bothered to go to college. It really isn't the case. I worked hard in school and I still chose to come here as I knew that PM Training was the best place to get on-the-job experience and get straight into earning a wage.  I'm now earning a decent monthly wage and even have a part time job at the weekend which is more than I would be getting going to College so it's a no brainier really isn't it? 

Tell us about your apprenticeship? 

I started here in about October 2018, last year. I got onto my apprenticeship weeks later with Castle Property Services. It's a multi skilled apprenticeship so I do a variety of jobs such as plastering, joinery, electrics and more. It purely depends on the type of work we have on and the location of the job. I usually start around 7.45am and finish around 4.30pm. It's a long day but it's really rewarding, you learn something different every day!

What would you say to any young people finishing school this year? 

PM Training is a brilliant place to come, no matter what your grades are if you want an apprenticeship it really is a fantastic place to come to. You get money every week for coming into centre which is more than you would get going into college too! I have a young cousin who has seen how well I have done so far on my apprenticeship and it's inspired him to come to PM too when he leaves school which has made me really proud. 


Apprenticeships are a fantastic way of building up the skills and knowledge you need to progress your career. From job sectors including: gas & engineering, bricklaying, construction, fenestration, joinery and more. Apply now or attend one of our Open Days to find out more. 


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