Level up your teams with an apprenticeship progression plan

I'm sure there have been many conversations in meetings about whether to recruit or upskill existing staff. Budgets and timescales come into question and the debate goes on as both sides have well-rounded arguments.

But with a well thought out progression plan for your employees, there is no better place to look than at your in-house talent.

Being able to upskill your existing staff through apprenticeship training offers you the opportunity to keep your employees motivated and with your company for several years.

Most apprenticeships have a natural progression onto different levels, providing your staff with new ways to learn, develop and enhance their skills and experience. They are an effective way of increasing career prospects.

Having a career path visible through apprenticeship levels can result in people climbing up their career ladder quicker by progressing from Level 2 Apprenticeships to Level 6 Degree Apprenticeship Standards, which will then lead them into managerial roles.

For example, an existing painting and decorating apprentice nearing the end of their apprenticeship could progress onto a Level 3 apprenticeship. As they gain more experience, a Level 3 Team Leader apprenticeship would provide more responsibility leading onto a Level 3 Occupational Works Supervision qualification and onto a Level 5 Operations Manager apprenticeship. This progression means you are keeping your employees and not losing them to your competitors.

Your team members hold a particular skill for their role. They know your company, your policies, your ethos and values. They are the experts, so why not develop them even further?

By getting the most out of your training budget you can create a development programme that nurtures talent and helps improve staff morale. Even better, if you have less than 50 employees, you only need to cover 5% of the training costs, with 95% covered by the Government - called co-investment.

If you’re an SME looking to develop a progression plan for your employees, we can talk you through the process. Contact a member of our Partnerships team on 01782 279121 today.