Gatsby Benchmark sessions lead the way to student success

Kieran Bevan, Schools & Recruitment Manager at PM Training, talks about developing new Gatsby benchmark sessions in schools across the local area.

What are Gatsby Benchmark sessions?

The Gatsby sessions are a mix of practical and theory sessions designed to assist students in their post-16 options. They support schools to meet their own Gatsby Benchmark requirements as set out in Ofsted inspections and the 2017 Careers Strategy.

The sessions I've designed, cover a variety of soft skills such as communication, teamwork, listening skills, observation, problem-solving and leadership. They also teach interview techniques and CV building.

Why have they been introduced?

I wanted to complement the existing work we do with schools and provide a more in-depth session, giving students essential experience and skills for their future careers.

They are fun, interactive and allow students to build on their existing knowledge. They focus on the most common soft skills that employers look for, which helps students when attending interviews.


IMG_8908What sessions are available?

There are 4 sessions which support a variety of soft skills including; 

  1. Communication & Teamwork
  2. Apprenticeships
  3. Problem Solving & Time Management
  4. Employability and Digital skills

The apprenticeship session is perfect for students who are considering an apprenticeship or those who don't know the options available to them. The employability session teaches essential skills including CV building, interview preparation and internet safety.


How can they benefit students? 

The sessions are informative for students regardless of what career path they wish to take. They'll benefit from a mix of practical and theory-based sessions which are fun and engaging.

I believe that the essential soft skills and life skills learnt in the sessions will have lifelong benefits for the students. The sessions can be tailored depending on student career choices, or delivered to a mix of students as the skills are transferable. 

The sessions complement what students are already learning as part of their High School education and help to build resilience and out-of-the-box thinking. 

Any student who joins us at PM Training post-16 will have a good grasp of some of these areas and we'll continue their learning on our programmes and Apprenticeships.

If you are interested in learning more about our Gatsby sessions within school please contact us here 


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