Gardening apprenticeships - sewing the seeds of success!

The crisp smell of morning air and a large cup of coffee are all in a days work for our gardening Homeworks team at PM Training.

Time to get the winter woolies on as we spend the day with our Homeworks gardening team and what a better way of working than spending a day outside?

Having spent the day with Matt Allen, Tony Moran, Dave Smith, Shaun Stott and their team, it is always rewarding to see the difference their job makes and what great work experience it provides for young people. 

As a learner and an apprentice you do a full days work, getting stuck in and gaining valuable skills such as learning how to use different equipment, effective garden maintenance and management, time keeping, social skills and more.

Matt Allen, Homeworks supervisor said: "Jobs like this are so rewarding because people are really grateful for the work we do. It's a hard job, but as a learner, you really get the skills and experience you need to progress onto an apprenticeship".

A day in the life of a gardening apprentice

The average day starts at about 8.30am and finishes around 4pm. All the team work hard together in clearing, maintaining and managing the grounds across Stoke. Some roles can involve using tools such as hedge clippers, strimmers and lawn mowers to clear areas. Daily trips to the local tip are often needed to recycle the waste, but what a great way to spend the end of your day accomplished and proud of what you have achieved.

Tony Moran, Homeworks supervisor said: "It can also be a dangerous job, we give health and safety briefings to all the learners and the skills they get using maintenance equipment they can use when they get their apprenticeships. School leavers sometimes come to us not having any idea of what they want to do; gardening apprenticeships can help learners progress into a fantastic job". 


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Hear what future apprentices have to say


Zak Jones, 16, Learner

What's your favorite part of PM Training?

Free Breakfast Definitely!

What are your career goals?

I'd love to be a plumber.


Lance Brayford, 18, Apprentice 

What's your favourite part of PM Training?

Being able to work with my hands, the days go really fast.

What are your career goals?

I want to carry on and get a job after my apprenticeship in gardening.


Luke Price, 16, Learner

What's your favorite part of PM Training?

I love hands on work and it's good experience.

What are your career goals?

I'd like to have my own gardening business.


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