Apprenticeships improved my confidence and career progression

Abi Latham, 18, from Penkhull started her career journey at college studying Applied Science in the hopes of becoming a Forensic Scientist. The attractiveness of earning whilst learning and gaining confidence and independence turned her head to apprenticeships.

After finishing college with a pass, Abi, now with a strong academic background felt her self esteem and confidence was an area she needed to develop. She joined the PM Training Officeworks programme in July 2019 and quickly found herself earning money, gaining her independence and watching her confidence grow.

Alongside working towards a Level 1 in Business Administration qualification, she also gained valuable experience learning how to use a 3D printer with Wavemaker Stoke, how to manage money as part of an Enterprise Challenge, and also visiting the Old Bailey on an educational trip to London.

Abi said: "There's a lot more to Officeworks than just learning about the basics of business. I've made a key ring with a 3D printer and even done work experience in a busy money management team."

As part of the Officeworks programme, Abi had the chance to try tasters in business, customer service and IT. The opportunity to take part in an Enterprise Challenge where she had to pitch a business idea of business executives was to good to pass. She excelled in taking the leadership role within her group and through producing Chocolate and Tea sets for sale was able to support her colleagues in making a profit.

Abi said: "PM Training has helped be with my confidence and I'd certainly recommend it to my friends."

Nic Hudson, Programme Manager for PM Training said: "Abi has shown fantastic commitment to the programme. She has recently completed her Level 1 qualification and had very positive feedback from her tutor following a four week work experience placement at Aspire Housing. We're very proud of Abi and it's clear to see her confidence has grown and her progression onto an apprenticeship is the next step.


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