Business administration apprenticeship case study: Ben Webb-Rushton

Making sure you have options after leaving school is vitally important and Ben Webb-Rushton certainly has his career in mind. After completing the Officeworks programme at PM Training, he is now enjoying a work trial with Aspire Housing within the Marketing Department.


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Ben is now developing his skills and knowledge in order to progress in a career within Marketing such as account management, media, advertising and more.

Ben said: "After leaving school, I went to college and did a BTEC in creative media and business but realised at the age of 18 I had no skills or experience to get a job. Getting a job as a young person is really difficult and you have to think of ways to set yourself apart from others, that's why I came to PM Training to try and progress a career in Marketing."

Whilst at PM Training, he gained experience in skills such as telephone manner, writing skills, IT skills and areas like CV writing and job interviews. After completing the course he was offered a work trial at Aspire Housing.

Ben said: "I'm really enjoying my work placement with Aspire Housing, I touch base with other members of the marketing team who make me feel really welcome. It's good because I enjoy the work I do which includes, helping produce leaflets, posters, social media, making and editing presentations and more."

Officeworks helps school leavers get work-ready and find apprenticeships with local businesses in areas such as business administration, IT and customer service. 

Ben continues: "I would really recommend PM Training to school leavers as you earn money even on a work placement. The staff at PM are lovely and Nicola Hudson guided me through what to expect within an office environment".

"I would like to further my career within Aspire and would love to be a Marketing Manager one day."



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