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Top 10 Tips for Apprenticeship Success

It's great to be able to look back on your achievements and apprentice Sam Mills can do just that. After landing an apprenticeship with leading retail solutions company, DeeSet, Sam gives us his Top 10 Tips for Apprenticeship success. Continued

Find your style with a painting and decorating apprenticeship

Painting and Decorating is not all about wallpaper paste. There will always be houses and those walls, floors and ceilings will always need painting and decorating; the career options are endless from commercial buildings to homes and bridges. Continued

Apprenticeship case study : Emma Brown, Royal Bank of Scotland

Former PM Training apprentice, Emma Brown, started her journey as an Administration Assistant back in 2012 and after landing a job with the Royal Bank of Scotland she catapulted her career to Canada. Continued

Food for thought - The 5 best things to eat whilst revising

We have all been there. Endless nights of energy drinks and sweets to keep us going. It's amazing how our diet can change how we function when those dreaded deadlines are approaching. But what actually are the best things to eat whilst revising? Continued

Business administration apprenticeship case study: Ben Webb-Rushton

Making sure you have options after leaving school is vitally important and Ben Webb-Rushton certainly has his career in mind. After completing the Officeworks programme at PM Training, he is now enjoying a work trial with Aspire Housing within the Marketing Department. Continued

It's a Bright Future in health and social care

We love success stories here at PM Training, and it's even more exciting to hear about learners Leah Dunkley and Hannah Sproston on their successful 8 week work experience program with Brighter Futures.  Continued

Discovering future apprenticeship talent with Orbit Housing

With the introduction of the apprenticeship levy, those who choose to invest in talent including apprentices and existing staff are seeing the benefits. Continued

Lovin' being local! Apprentices from History

Aup me' duck! We have all heard it at some point or another! We love our local routes here at PM Training and we want to show a few insights into the importance of being an apprentice.  Continued

Top 10 Skills Employers Are Looking For

Before you apply for a job, it's really important to have an idea of what employers are expecting from you. You can then tailor your applications and interview answers to the skills they are looking for. These are our top 10 skills to look out for. Continued

Top Five Tips for the Best CV

When it comes to applying for and searching for a new job your CV is the most important tool. It creates that first impression to get your foot in the door. Putting together a successful CV that gets noticed is easy once you know how. Following our Top Five Tips for the Best CV and tailoring your… Continued