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New incentives to recruit apprentices

On Wednesday 8th July, the government announced its Plan for Jobs. It’s a clear statement of intent that skills, apprenticeships and work based learning are at the centre of policy decisions to rebuild the economy. Now is the time to recruit, invest in young talent and future proof businesses. Continued

We Support Black Lives Matter

As a housing association that homes 20,000 people, a training provider that supports 2,500 people a year, and a local charity that’s dedicated to supporting local communities and individuals, we have committed to put people at the heart of everything we do, and we take pride in the diversity of our… Continued

40 Top Tips to Beat Anxiety

Check out our in-house Counselor and guest blogger, Leanne Duthie's 40 Top Tips to Beat Anxiety. From taking a break from social media, having a clear out to exploring breathing exercises. These tips can really help to get you through times when you may need a little support.  Continued

6 ways to grow your business back stronger

A return to the workplace 'new normal' is around the corner for many employees as more businesses look to restart operations. It's a welcome move for businesses that may have struggled over the past few months with remote working, social isolation and lockdown.  Continued

Changing delivery to train the next generation of AAT accountants

With more young people choosing different routes after leaving school to continue their education, the amount of choice available is staggering. With the traditional college and university routes alongside apprenticeships and specific awarding bodies, it’s an exciting time for learning new skills. Continued

6 Feel-Good Tips to Keep on Top of Your Mental Health

We know it's been a tough few weeks and you're doing great, so stay positive! We have come up with 6 feel-good top tips to keep on top of your mental health. These are ways in which you can re-connect with your family and friends, enjoy free fitness sessions, build new skills and more.  Continued

Training centre expansion in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

PM Training has completed the purchase of Cleveland Works on College Road, Hanley, along with Atlas Works, which currently serves as its main training centre. Continued

Information for apprentice employers about coronavirus (covid-19)


Big White Wall is available to support mental health for all learners

PM Training continues it's support for mental health and wellbeing with the Big White Wall mental health service available to all learners and apprentices. Continued

Everything You Need To Know About Apprenticeship Pay Rates

If you are looking at apprenticeships as one of your school leaver options, you'll want to understand not only what types of apprenticeships there are, but also what you'll get paid.  Continued